Antenatal diagnostic testing

Antenatal diagnostic testing/antenatal medical examinations

Almost all babies born in Germany are healthy.
You can rest assured that you will be safe and well looked after both during pregnancy and birth.

Virtually all pregnant women in Germany, even when healthy, visit a gynaecologist or midwife for regular check-ups.
They also receive at least three ultrasound scans.
It is up to you to decide whether or not you want to be examined in order to check specifically for abnormalities in your baby. You are also entitled to refuse such examinations.

Your gynaecologist will offer you additional antenatal medical examinations (antenatal diagnostic testing), so that any conditions or problems in your baby's development can be detected.

These examinations can help to ease your mind, however, they too can be difficult on you as it is very rarely possible to treat the baby in utero. As a rule, these examinations do not provide any reliable information regarding the seriousness of the condition or disability. We can also help you to reach a decision on whether or not to have such examinations (which can also be quite costly).

If your baby has been found to have a condition, we can help you extensively to prepare for the birth of your child.

We will provide you with information on support services for parents expecting a child with a disability.

Your baby will receive the best antenatal and obstetric care. After your baby is born, it will receive intensive medical care and its physical and mental development will be fostered through early intervention.

If you see no other alternative than to abort the pregnancy, we will accompany and help you to come to terms with this difficult decision.


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