Inability to have children

Inability to have children

  • Do you want to have a child?
  • Are you having trouble conceiving?
  • How can you receive help in this kind of situation in Germany?

Many couples want to have children. If after at least one year of having regular, unprotected sex your are still not pregnant, you could very well have fertility problems. The causes of infertility are just as often found in the man as in the woman. They range from advanced age to hormonal or genetic disorders, infections, etc.

It makes sense to first examine the man's sperm quality, simply because this test is easy to perform.

For women, fertility examinations are often more complex and sometimes involve minor surgery.

If the reason for infertility has been found, but if you have not yet received full health insurance coverage as an asylum seeker, this means that you yourself will have to bear the high costs of reproductive medical treatment. But even if you are covered by the statutory health insurance scheme you will still have to expect to pay additional costs.

Reproductive medical treatment ranges from hormone treatment, sperm donation to artificial insemination (IVF and ICSI).

Your donum vitae counsellor can provide you with information about fertility, bodily functions and the pros and cons of treatment.

Childlessness can have a negative impact on your life and your relationship.

The shock of being told that you cannot conceive a child by natural means is often followed by the struggle of coming to terms with the physical and mental burdens, with the hoping and waiting and the disappointments. This frequently leads to conflict in a partnership.

We can accompany you through this difficult period of your life. We will take time to talk to you about how to deal with grief, anger, jealousy and feelings of guilt. We will talk to you about the importance of having children in your home country, the pressure that may come from your family and we will look at the alternatives to having your own child.


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